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Keen to get started with fly fishing but don’t know where to begin?

Fear not.  Within no time I can get you up to a good standard and show you that, once you have the basics, it really is very simple.

‘Teach the basics’

Using my three fundamentals of fly fishing I will introduce you to the basics of casting, reading the water and selecting the appropriate tackle

Casting   The art of getting the fly out onto the water

I will introduce the basic principles of an overhead cast so you gain enough knowledge to enable you to practise and become more confident.

More details on casting...

Reading the water   Understanding how the fish behave
    It is vital to understand the natural environment in which you are fishing. Knowledge of the natural aspects of the fish and their routines, the influence of the weather, feeding depths and how seasonal variations will influence the availability of their natural food.  This will also lead to an understanding of the various stages of fly development and enable you to make decisions on fly selection that will positively influence your catch rate.

More details on reading the water...
Tackle selection   Introducing you to the equipment used

Knowing the equipment and more importantly knowing how to use it is a very important stepping stone for any new fly fisherman. I will start you off with the very basic kit set up and explain and teach how it is used. You will be provided with the opportunity to try various combinations of rod and line set-ups so that you will have a much better idea on the choice of rod weight and line balance and also get an unbiased view on the selection of tackle best suited to a beginner.

More details see equipment

Summary - What will I learn?

  • Safety aspects of fly fishing
  • Tackle selection and make-up.
  • Roll cast.
  • Overhead cast.
  • Extending casting range.
  • Basic entomology and Water craft.

The total tuition time required will depend on how quickly you “catch on”.  In many cases, it is beneficial to have, say, a session that concentrates on casting and then have some time to practise on your own.  Written information with diagrams can be supplied after the first lesson so that you can make reference to what has been covered and use the notes to help you practise on your own. In the following session, you can have your progress checked as well as covering some new topics.

Once the basics have been learnt there is plenty more to get stuck into....see the experienced angler section.


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