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The various types of casts

Roll Cast



Overhead Cast

The Single Haul

The Double Haul

The Slack Line Cast

The Reach Cast

The Side Cast

The Curve Cast

The Single and Double Spey Cast.

This is probably the simplest of all casts. It is essentially used on rivers and streams and typically where there is a space restriction behind the caster. Its prime restriction is that its range is limited in its simplest form.  Its routine includes the principles of rod loading and loop formation.

This is the fundamental sequence to a wide range of casts. It forms the principle of false casting and single hauling to achieve greater casting range and double hauling to achieve the ultimate casting range.

This is a development of the overhead cast and is used either for casting into a head-wind or to achieve a greater casting range.

This is a further development of the single haul and is used to achieve the optimum casting range.

This is a development of the overhead cast and is used in reasonably fast flowing streams and rivers.

Another development of the overhead cast and again is used in flowing streams and rivers.

This is the overhead cast tipped over through 90 degrees and is very useful when the line needs to be kept low in strong winds.

This is a development of the side cast and is used to land the line in a deliberate curve to a fish upstream so that the path of the falling line does not lie across the fish’s back.

This is a development of the roll cast and is used in salmon casting.  It can be used by both single and double handed rod casters.


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