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In all cases, buy what you can afford and do not skimp on the choice of the line.

AFTM  0--4    6’ – 8’        Streams and small rivers.

AFTM  5–6    9’ – 10’      Stillwaters  Reservoir banks.

AFTM  6-7      10’            Loch style fishing from boats.

AFTM  8-12     12’ – 16’  Large rivers  Salmon.

Keep the rod weight as low as possible.
Expensive rods are usually light.  Light rods are not necessarily expensive!

There are three different types of fly-line design.
Double taper (DT).  The
For Double Taper (DT) lines, match AFTM code with the selected rod.
For Weight Forward (WF) lines, match AFTM code of rod PLUS 1.

There are three different types of line.
Intermediate  (very slow sinking)

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