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Want to achieve effortless distance with your casting?

Want some friendly, unbiased advice on equipment from someone who has tried and tested almost everything.

Pehaps you keep getting broken by big fish and want to learn techniques to land the bigger fish?

Lessons are by no means reserved for beginners. As with all sports there is always more one can learn. My tuition will enable you to get more out of this wonderful sport.

The three basic components of fly fishing still apply (casting, reading the water and tackle selection) however as a more experienced angler you can focus on any of the areas you may want to learn a bit more about.

Casting   Casting Assesment
    The three basic components of fly fishing still apply (casting, reading the water and tackle selection) however as a more experienced angler the focus might be slightly different depending on your experience.

More details on casting...
Reading the water   Understanding how the fish behave
    Your present knowledge will be explored and expanded to provide a greater confidence in effective fly selection.

More details on reading the water...
Tackle selection   Introducing you to the equipment used

Your present casting style with existing equipment will be assessed and you will be able to try a selection of rods with different actions. Variations on the various tapers in the line design will also be available for you to try and unbiased advice provided on the most cost-effective method of extending your present tackle range.

More details see equipment

Summary - What can I learn?

It is difficult to sum up as every student is different but on the whole people who come to me with experience tend to want to learn the following:

  • False casting
  • Loop Control
  • Casting in adverse conditions
  • Single and Double hauling
  • Distance casting
  • Slack-line cast
  • Side cast
  • Entomology and Water craft

It is important to have fun and to practise.   Practice makes perfect.  Bring along your current set up and tackle and if you want to try out other rods/setups I can provide you with a varied selection.

The total tuition time required will depend on how quickly you “catch on”.  In many cases, it is beneficial to have, say, a session that concentrates on casting and then have some time to practise on your own.  Written information with diagrams can be supplied after the first lesson so that you can make reference to what has been covered and use the notes to help you practise on your own. In the following session, you can have your progress checked as well as covering some new topics.

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