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Q Where do the lessons take place?

The venue for the lessons is flexible. However I tend to do the majority of my fishing at Albury and know it very well. It has something for everyone and is somewhere I would recommend. If you want to fish somewhere else I would be more than happy to comply.

Q Why should I have a lesson?

Self taught anglers do not necessarily follow the basic principles, get into bad habits and use more energy than is generally required. Muscle memory and regularly repeated body movements condition the brain and within a very short space of time, the whole casting routine becomes an automatic reflex. Inappropriate casting routines should be identified and corrected as soon as possible. The difference between the self taught routine and a routine that includes the correct basic principles is very significant.

Q Why would you be a good teacher?

Have a passion for the sport.
Would like to share this passion with others.
Dispell the myth that fly fishing is complicated.  It is not.
I try and make lessons fun and uncomplicated.
Have an unparalleled knowledge of the local (county) waters.
Good contacts at the local fisheries.
Good contacts with the local tackle suppliers.
Have an unbiased view on tackle and equipment.
Am someone who has learned the hard way on the purchase of tackle.
Have a large selection of rods, reels, lines, flies and other tackle that can be tried and tested.
and....above all ....I am very patient!

Q Does the tuition charge include a fishing ticket?

No. The charge will vary depending on the fishery chosen. Typically the charge for a 2 fish ticket will be approximately £25. On some fisheries, if you are unlucky on the first day, you can return on the original ticket and try again on another day.

Q I am a complete beginner, what standard could I get to in a day?
    Answer This will depend on your co-ordination and on how capable you are in learning the casting routines. All elementary detail could be covered in half a day. To a certain extent, like all fishing, it's a matter of luck. You could catch your first fish in the first hour of the lesson but not cover all of the lesson detail.
Q How many lessons will I need so that I can be self suffiecient?
    Answer Generally, you could be self sufficient after half a day's lessons or a set of four lessons with practice between the instruction. Again, it depends on "muscle memory" and the fluency with which the casting routines are accepted.
Q Why do experienced people need lessons?
    Answer As with all routines, we can all get into bad habits. Occasionally you need someone who is familiar with the general principles of casting to watch and critically analyse your present form and then offer some constructive comments and demonstration on how best corrections can be made.
Q What does a typical lesson consit of?
    Answer This depends at what level you are at. As a beginner, you will be taught basic casting routines to get the fly onto the water. You will also be informed on a basic choice of fly for the particular point in the season. You will be provided with information on tackle selection and the safety aspects that should be considered for yourself and others.
Q Do you do tuition gift vouchers?
    Answer Yes absolutely! Click here to find out more.
Q As a beginner should I buy equipment before the lesson?
    Answer No. I have a range of rod and line combinations for you to try and after the first lesson, I will be able to advise you on tackle that will best suit you.
Q What should I bring to a lesson?
    Answer Not much with the exception of a pair of glasses- your eyes must be protected from the danger of flying hooks!.
Q What should I wear to a lesson?
    Answer Apart from the obligatory pair of glasses, try and get a view of the weather forecast for the lesson and dress accordingly. Make sure "waterproofs" are waterproof and don't forget the suntan lotion and a peaked cap for sunny conditions.
Q Do you teach groups?
    Answer Yes. I would like some idea of the size of the group beforehand. I could cope with up to six members on my own.
Q Can you recommend anywhere good to stay in the local area?
    Answer Yes. This will depend on the chosen venue for the lesson.
Q What are the advantages of having a lesson?
    Answer In having a lesson, you will be taught the few fundamental requirements for casting and fly choice. The principles are easy and once learned, your fishing will be easy and fun.
Q Are you qualified to teach fly fishing?
    Answer Yes. My qualification is the Joint Angling Development Board/ Salmon and Trout Association Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling (game).
Q Can I keep the fish I catch?
    Answer Yes. The number of fish you can take home will depend on the number of fish tickets you have.
Q Do I need a rod licence if I just want to try out fly fishing?
    Answer Generally. In the UK, you need to make two considerations before you go out to the water:
Have I got the land owners’ permission to enter his property?
Have I got a rod licence?

You will always need the land owner’s permission to fish and in most cases, on a recognised fishery, this can be taken as an open invitation.  In the case of a rod licence, if you are under instruction, you will be covered by your instructor’s licence with the only provision that your instructor is fully qualified and holds a fishcoach licence.  In all other cases, you will need a rod licence. These can be purchased online or from any local Post Office.
Q What happens after the lesson?

I will contact you either by ‘phone or e-mail to see if you were satisfied with the lesson and that your general expectations and objectives were satisfied.  I will provide a written explanation with illustrations of the details of the casting principals and also some further detailed information on tackle and a guide regarding the potential requirements and costs.

After that, it is up to you.  If you are keen to progress, then keep in contact.  If you want some further information on the specification of tackle and costs or if you want to sample a combination of tackle systems or you want to repeat the experience of the tackle that was used during the lesson, please call me and I will provide some further help and advice.  If you feel that you need some further advice on tackle selection, don’t fall into the trap of spending money without the confidence of the suitability of the potential purchases.

Above all, have great fun catching fish.

If you want to progress to the more advanced casting stages, then please let me know and we can cover routines that will improve your accuracy and extend your casting range.


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