Lessons     What is taught - Just a sample!        

I tailor my lessons to the individual.

Below is a sample of what might be taught.

Safety considerations
Casting methods   Roll casting
Overhead casting
False casting
Single hauling for distance.
Double hauling for optimum distance.
Reading the water   Where are the fish?
Are the fish feeding?
What are the fish feeding on?
What type of fly is likely to be hatching?
Is or has the weather been hot or cold?
Are the fish likely to be close to the surface or feeding deep?
What is and what has been the direction of the prevailing wind?
Can any identifiable food sources be detected in any residual surface scum?
Are any birds sweeping low over the water and picking up hatching flies?
Are any fish jumping out of the water?
Are any fish rolling to feed at the surface?
Are there any “bow waves” due to fast swimming fish?
Is there any turbulence at the water’s surface due to fish movement?
Equipment   Rod design and its variations.
Line design and its variations
Reel design
Braided tapered leaders and their uses.
Leaders and tippets.  Their lengths materials and variations
Fly selection.  Too much choice   Match the hatch.
Landing nets.  Catch and release considerations.

And much much more!

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